CARE Child Care Sites

CARE Child Care is a program through Read to Succeed Buffalo that aims to infuse language and literacy primarily into home-based child care centers in our Literacy Zone.  The goal is simple: help children get ready to succeed in school. We currently have 10 home-based child care providers and one group child care provider participating in the program.

CARE child care providers are New York State licensed and are focused on providing children a literacy rich environment to prepare children to begin school. 

The following providers are currently part of CARE child care: 

Up, Up and Away
Catrice Huff
291 Burke Dr.
Buffalo, NY 14215
(716) 316-8503

ABC Learn & Play
Tiffany Malone
140 Brunswick Blvd
Buffalo, NY 14208
(716) 322-0055 or (716) 848-0780

Jaydens Playhouse
Tanya Calloway
118 Homer Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 342-8775

Lana's Land of Learning
Yolanda Beaner
79 Fay St.
Buffalo, NY 14211
(716) 986-4590 or (716) 844-8604

Core of Learning Group Family Day Care
Latricia Henry
10 Hewitt Ave. Lower
Buffalo, NY 14215
(716) 235-8998 or (716) 390-4359

Christine's Educational Child Care
Christine Elliott
39 Weber Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14215
(716) 578-6939


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